CreditHub’s LGPD and Privacy Policy English (EN)

Updated October 16, 2020

Dictionary Definitions: (  

Application: [Computer] Type of software developed to process data electronically, in order to facilitate and reduce the user's time when executing a task. 
Data: Information that identifies something, someone or about yourself: personal data. Personal Data: any data that identifies or can identify you. 
Device: They are computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and any other devices that, being connected to the internet, are able to transfer, store and process data, information, etc used by you to access the internet.
Website: electronic address; information disseminated through virtual pages made available on theInternet, being accessed through a device. You: are the users, whether natural or legal, of CreditHub’s website.  

1. Who We Are: 

CreditHub is a credit analysis / calculation and database processing company that gathers and provides information about people and companies to support customers, partners and consumers through solutions aimed at managing credit risk, preventing fraud, financial education and data quality.

2. Privacy and Data Processing:  

This document is based on the commitment CreditHub has to transparency and respect for data treatment. When browsing in the Website, using the Applications/ Plugin or solutions available on the Website, CreditHub may collect information on:

You: As a name, social security number (CPF), date of birth, e-mail, negativations (unpaid debts and their consequences), IP address and others;
Your Device: Like installed Apps / Plugin, calendar, camera roll, contacts, data usage, battery usage, brand, manufacturer, IP address and others; 
Your browsing behavior on the Website or CreditHub Apps / Plugin: Like clicks on screens and buttons on our Website and our Apps / Plugin, pages visited, links accessed, and data you have seen or extracted. 

You are responsible for the accuracy, veracity and updating the Data informed, agreeing that any divergences and / or inconsistencies may cause your identity not to be validated, which may prevent access to all or some of the services offered by CreditHub in its Website and Applications / Plugin, as a security measure.  

3. Purposes for processing of the collected data: 

The data mentioned in item 2 can be used for the purposes described in the applicable agreements and policies, and to authenticate to the Website/ Applications / Plugin and, if used for updating CreditHub’s databases and as inputs for their solutions, they may have the following purposes:  

Credit Protection in order to support customers who hire CreditHub’s solutions to conduct business and credit risk analyzes, manage customers (CRM) and manage collections (Account receivables); The e-mail and / or cellphone number provided by You may be used to send any CreditHub communication, including, but not limited to, informing the opening of registration /inclusion of default information (unpaid debts) in attendance to the legislation in force, whether through SMS, WhatsApp or through any telephone and/or electronic message service. Identification and authentication of your identity to prevent fraud, both by CreditHub and its customers; Improvement of the data quality of CreditHub and its customers; Analysis of market potential for directing offers, both for CreditHub and for customers and partners. CreditHub does not interfere in any process involving the analysis and approval of business and credit of its customers or partners, whether or not they occurred on the Website / Applications / Plugin, as well as their offers and marketing campaigns. The final decision to conduct a business, grant credit / offer is always made by CreditHub’s Financial Partners (ParceirosFinanceiros – also mentioned here as Financial Partners), considering their own credit, risk, business criteria and policies. All data is stored in a safe environment and has a retention and disposal period determined in accordance with current legislation, contractual conditions and CreditHub’s Internal Policies.  

4. Legal bases for the treatment of personal data: 

In order to ensure compliance with the Brazilian Data Protection Act (LGPD), all possible transactions with personal data are supported by a treatment hypothesis, such as protection / credit calculation; the legitimate interest of CreditHub and, as the case may be, of its customers or Financial Partners; contract execution; compliance with regulatory / legal obligation or consent.  

5. Who provides CreditHub the collected data: 

CreditHub treats only the data that it believes is the minimum required for each purpose / reason and can only provide their data to people and companies who consult the services of CreditHub for the purposes described in item 3, above. CreditHub may also make the Data available, when strictly necessary, to (i) CreditHub Financial Partners if they receive registrations through the Automatic Prospection Service or who manage some parts of the services, (ii) suppliers and (iii) resellers, distributors and agents involved in the provision services.  

6. Your Rights on the Treatment of Your Data: 
You and your Company can request access to the Data that CreditHub maintains about You and your Company and, if applicable, request its update, correction and/or deletion. For this, You must directly access CreditHub’s Sites and check the conditions for fulfilling your rights. For a direct request for updating, correcting or deleting data, it is necessary to send the duly completed form of the page To stop receiving promotional campaigns and requests to participate in surveys by electronic means from CreditHub, you can contact the Customer Service Center, at (11)3661-4657 or (11) 3522-8363, or cancel your registration by answering EXIT / CANCEL / STOP to CreditHub's automated e-mails. You can contact CreditHub at any time if you have any questions or concerns through the service channels described above or in the LIVE chat after logging in.  

7. Data Security: 

CreditHub provides security while accessing the Website / App / Plugin when making financial transactions, informing credit card information, capturing information through the Data encryption process always using security protocolSecure Socket Layers (SSL) and HTTPS that proves the authenticity of the Website, as well as ensures the integrity and confidentiality of the Data during its transmission. Your Data is stored in the system itself for legal and commercial purposes, as explained in this document, being responsible for CreditHub Bureau of Credit EIRELI, a legal entity under private law, established at Rua Raul Devesa, 70, Perdizes / SP CEP 05012-040 , Sao Paulo-SP.  

8. Commitment Antispam and Antiphishing:  

CreditHub acts according to the digital market good practices. We recommend that, if you receive an e-mail in the name of CreditHub, and you suspect fraud, do not open attached files or click on any link / button. You can send an e-mail to so that possible measures to combat electronic crime are carried out in order to guarantee future safety. 

9. Third Party Relationship:  

When hiring other companies to provide you with services, CreditHub requires them privacy safeguards and security consistent with those that are secured herein. For your security, any content that is considered confidential (such as data changes) is not sent via links. It is possible that CreditHub’s Site / Application / Plugin will maintain links with other websites to assist You with certain functionality or content. CreditHub is not responsible for specific services, procedures and policies of other Companies' Websites. For your security, you should inquire about the privacy term of each website respectively/individually.  

10. Copyright: 

All text, images, sounds and / applications displayed on the CreditHub’s Website/ Application / Plugin are protected by Copyright Law. Modifying, reproducing, storing, transmitting, copying, distributing or using these resources in any other way for commercial purposes is not permitted without the prior and formal consent of CreditHub, which can never be presumed. Attempts to break into CreditHub’s Site / Application / Plugin will be considered damage, theft or any other criminal offense that corresponds to the consequences of the invasion.  

11. Changes of this document:  

This document is subject to change at any time. Any and all changes aim to adapt to any modifications to CreditHub’s Website / Application /Plugin, whether changes to new technologies, policies, plans and prices, or whenever necessary. When this happens, the change will be reported on your next access to CreditHub’s Site / Application / Plugin. CreditHub’s customers agree to use the services contracted in accordance with the law, the respective regulations, the principles of morals, good morals and in accordance with public order.  

12. Customer Service Channels:  

Client or not, You can reach CreditHub’s Call Center at (11) 3661-4657,(11) 3522-8363 or through LIVE chat after logged in, from Monday thru Friday8:30am to 5:30pm. You can also request information, or make complaints, via the internet, by accessing the Contact channel at